Shaheen & Bari , 2022

Suleika Mueller



A4 - 21.0 x 29.7 cm


Born in Switzerland, Suleika was brought up in a Sudanese Sufi Muslim order. She spent her formative years going to school in Switzerland whilst⁠ continually traveling to Sudan, Egypt, the UAE or across Europe to practice with her Sufi community. Her upbringing, crossing geographical and religious divides, as well as her inner tension due to being from two cultures, has led to her creating her own unique aesthetic and point of view, occupying and creating a new space for people with hybrid identities. Now based in London, her work is a way for her to cross boundaries and create bridges, a tool to express and process her feelings and emotions. Creating more nuanced and authentic Muslim portrayals and stories, as well as educating and challenging harmful stereotypes are central to her practice. Suleika is passionate about finding unity in diversity, her intimate imagery explores themes such as spiritual practices, transcendental experiences, various forms of communities as well as the human condition. She approaches her subjects with empathy and vulnerability and practices non-violence, working towards a more compassionate, ethical and sustainable future.

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